Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?
We have complied the most popular questions to assist you. If this section doesn’t help, please Contact Us.

1. Does Snack Lovers sell direct to the public?

Yes. You can visit our Warehouse at 14 Export Road, Craigieburn, Victoria between 8am – 3pm Monday to Friday and buy direct from us.

2. I am interested in selling your snacks in my store/s, can you send me a Price List?

Sure.  Please Contact Us.

3. Does your small rectangular striped chip in the "Cocktail Mix - Hot & Spicy &/OR CRACKER MIX - NACHO CHEESE" contain any meat?

No. This chip is a ‘Nature identical’ product derived from vegetable extract. 

The chip contains NO meat or meat derivatives nor does the flavouring.

In summary:

Cocktail Mix – Hot & Spicy = NO Meat or Meat Derivatives
Cracker Mix – Nacho Cheese = NO Meat or Meat Derivatives


Yes. There has been no change to the product or it’s quality.

5. Why have you CHANGED YOUR BAG?

The quality of our Product remains unchanged, however is now further enhanced with longer lasting freshness and taste.

The previous bag was susceptible to light and heat which in some instances caused harm to the product.  The new foiled bag has now eliminated this issue.

6. Do you have Kosher, Halal or HACCP accreditation?

No, we are not Kosher or Halal accreditated.

We do not have Halal accreditation due to the fact that we manufacture Pork Crackle in our facility.  Whilst all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after Pork Production the possibility of traces may exist.  All other products manufactured on site are derived from Vegetable Extract.

Yes we do have HACCP accreditation.

7. I am interested in a particular Snack to resell, can you send me a Sample?

Sure.  Please Contact Us.

8. I have certain Food Allergies, how can I find out if your Snacks are safe for me to eat?

Visit ‘Our Range’ page. Every product we sell is listed with: Packaging, Ingredients, Allergens and Nutritional information.

9. Can I purchase your products online?

Unfortunately our products are no longer available for online ordering.

Please visit the “Where To Buy” page for details of Retailers in your area.  We also sell Direct to the Public.

10. Do you deliver orders around Melbourne?

Yes we do. Deliveries are usually made within 3-5 days of placing your order. The minimum order for delivery is 8 cartons.

11. Can I open an account with Snack Lovers?

Yes, absolutely. Please Contact Us with your details and we will send you an account application form.
Please note, all new accounts will operate on Cash on Delivery for the first two months.